For those considering membership, the costs are listed below: 

Annual Club Membership $295
Weekly Range Fee $15
Ammunition for weekly club shoot (24x.308) $33.60
Rifle costs vary, advice is available from the club.

Gosford District Rifle Club was founded at the Kariong Range site in 1947.
One of the founding members and first Captain was a local man, Jim Sweet, who became known nationally as one of the best Australian shooters in the 1950’s

Kariong Regional Shooting Complex is now home to three rifle clubs and two pistol clubs. Following is a brief overview of the three rifle clubs:

Central Coast Smallbore & Air Rifle Club
This club uses .22 rim-fire rifles and air rifles up to 50 metres.
Website HERE

Central Coast Muzzle Loading Hunting and Sport Shooting Club
This club uses a wide variety of centre-fire sporting and military rifles. They also have sections catering for shotgun and black powder rifles and pistols.
They shoot over ranges from 50 metres to 300 metres.
Website HERE

Our Club - Gosford District Rifle Club
Our club uses .308 and .223 purpose-built target rifles in two classes; Full bore Target Rifle (Central - Iron Sights) and ‘F’ Class (Scope)
We shoot over ranges from 300 metres to 600 metres.

If you would like to arrange a visit to Gosford District Rifle Club, or would like any further information, please call 0408 984 422.

Information about Firearm Licences can be found at: Website HERE

600 Metre Access Ramp

One of the longest running projects on the Range has finally reached completion. In progressive stages, over the last five years, club members have built a disabled access ramp to our 600 metre firing mound. The project is an essential asset in providing safe access to the mound, especially for our less mobile members. A critical stage of the construction was the concreting work, which was partly funded by a Grant from the NSW Office of Sport. Our sincere thanks go to Aaron and Mick Oates for their expert assistance and also to Hills Concrete Pumping for the use of their equipment.

With a combined effort from the members, the final touch was the erection of handrails.


The completed project should serve the club well into the future.