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Gosford District Rifle Club is a long-range target shooting club. The club shoots at the Kariong Regional Shooting Complex, which is located off Woy Woy Road, Kariong.

The club shoots over ranges which start at 300 metres and extend to 600 metres. Many of our members also regularly shoot at Hornsby and Malabar ranges which both extend to 800 metres. To achieve accuracy at these ranges, our members use purpose-built precision target rifles. The main calibres used are .308 and .223. 
‘Off the shelf’ sporting rifles are not suitable for our particular discipline.

Our club conducts a shoot on most Saturdays commencing at 1pm (the program can be found on our website). Members arrive around 12 Noon to prepare the range and set up equipment. With prior approval, prospective members may attend as visitors to observe the club shoot, but must arrive no later than 12:30pm because access gates are locked as part of our safety procedure.

For those considering membership, the costs are listed below:
Annual Club Membership $280
Weekly Range Fee $15
Ammunition for weekly club shoot (24x.308) $33.60
Rifle costs vary, advice is available from the club.

Gosford District Rifle Club was founded at the Kariong Range site in 1947.
One of the founding members and first Captain was a local man, Jim Sweet, who became known nationally as one of the best Australian shooters in the 1950’s

Kariong Regional Shooting Complex is now home to three rifle clubs and two pistol clubs. Following is a brief overview of the three rifle clubs:

Central Coast Small Bore and Air Rifle Club
This club uses .22 rim-fire rifles and air rifles up to 50 metres.
Go Here for Webpage PDF

Central Coast Muzzle Loading Hunting and Sport Shooting Club
This club uses a wide variety of centre-fire sporting and military rifles. They also have sections catering for shotgun and black powder rifles and pistols.
They shoot over ranges from 50 metres to 300 metres.
Website HERE

Our Club - Gosford District Rifle Club
Our club uses .308 and .223 purpose-built target rifles in two classes; Full bore Target Rifle (Central - Iron Sights) and ‘F’ Class (Scope)
We shoot over ranges from 300 metres to 600 metres.
Website: https://gdrc.centralcoastsports.com.au/

If you would like to arrange a visit to Gosford District Rifle Club, or would like any further information, please call 0408 984 422.

Information about Firearm Licences can be found at: Website HERE

North Shore District Champion of Champions Match
Congratulations to Tim Roberts GDRC who won the Target Rifle Champion of Champions Match at Hornsby last Saturday. Tim did not drop a shot during the competition which was fired over four ranges: 300, 500, 700 & 800 Metres. He finished with an outstanding score of 200.30. This is the second time Tim has won this Match and it is a credit to his shooting ability. His previous win was in 2013 with a score of 199.22

2017 Gosford District Rifle Club