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NSDRA 2015 OPM (7th-8th Nov)NSDRA 2015 OPM (7th-8th Nov)
Ten of our members attended the North Shore District Rifle Association  2-Day Open Prize Meeting at Hornsby.Despite very bad weather leading up to the event, it still attracted a large field of competitors. Due to the soggy conditions at some of the scheduled ranges, all matches had to be relocated to the drier 600 and 700 metre mounds. Gosford was represented in all categories: Target Rifle, F Standard, F Open and FTR and members won medals in each category. Although the rain held off with only a few mild spits during the competition, the fluctuating wind was anything but helpful, causing grief for shooters right across the range which was reflected with some surprisingly low scores. However, it was a very well run Prize Meeting with many members of Hornsby Clubs foregoing shooting and putting in a lot of hard work to keep things running smoothly.

18 Btn 303 Shoot

NSDRA shoot 2013
NSDRA championships
Grant and Tim Roberts represented Gosford District Rifle Club at the NSDRA Championship held recently with some excellent results. Grant took out 2nd place in the aggregate scores beaten by Mal McKenzie from Port Macquarie by only two points. Grant shot a 147.14 from a possible 150 over the three stages.Tim won his third stage in the 700 metre shoot narrowly defeating Alexander Davies from Wallsend and Mark Buchanan from Roseville by one centre with a score of 50.05

Well done Gosford Target Team.
Winners of the E.M.Nye & North Shore Plaques 1. Winners of the E M Nye Shield (Off-Rifle) Target Rifle - Roseville #1 Rifle Team F-Class Standard - Hornsby RSL Blue F-Class Open - North Sydney FO Rifle Team 2. Winner of the E M Nye Plaque (On-Handicap) Target Rifle - Gosford Rifle Team 3. Winners of the Arnold Hammond Memorial Shield (Off-Rifle) Target Rifle - Roseville #1 Rifle Team F-Class Standard - Roseville FS Rifle Team F-Class Open - North Sydney FO Rifle Team 4. Winner of the North Shore Plaque (On-Handicap) Target Rifle - Gosford Rifle Team 5. Winner of the A J Leighton Memorial Shield Nil - competition not completed due to cancellation of 600M match

Alan Seaman F-TR Winner 2012 Savage Cup
Alan Seaman Tops Field The NIOA Savage Cup had as first prize a Savage F-TR rifle so it was a hard fought competition with Alan Seaman, (Gosford Rifle Club) taking the prize and the honor of being the first winner in a F-TR championship event in Australia.Alan’s aggregate score of 456.25 was well ahead of Ian Pavy, (Murray Bridge Rifle Club) and Greg Warrian, (Tumut Rifle Club) who both scored 438. Ian won second place on X-count over Greg in third place. These two shooters seesawed back and forth over the three days of competition. Alan showed remarkable wind reading skills over the three days which included winds up to 50 kph and at times heavy mirage. Alan may be wind coaching the Aussie F T/R team at Raton and from what I have seen we could not be in better hands. Alan’s score of 456.25 would have placed him third outright in F-Open. Scoring Note: The Savage Cup featured an ICFRA target with 6 as the highest ring count and a half-MOA X-ring. The Australian system of 60 points for ten shots can be equated to American scoring (100 points for ten shots) by adding 40 to each Aussie range score.

Inverell Open Prize Meeting.
Gail Roberts of Gosford Club recently won the B Grade Target Rifle at the Inverell Open Prize Meeting. Check out Photo as she`s pictured with the 'almost famous' Malcolm McKenzie of TMAC Sights. Gail won the two day Aggregate after winning three ranges on the second day. Gail's son Tim, shooting in A Grade, won a Silver medal at 300m with a 50.7!!...........very tough Competition!

2017 Gosford District Rifle Club