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The HEXTA Electronic Target System in use by our club is currently the most advanced electronic target system in the world. Most importantly, it is produced by an Australian company which was founded by an Australian Target Shooter who is a member of a Rifle Club at Hornsby Range.

The Targets in use by the system are made on the Central Coast at Somersby.

We were among the first clubs in NSW to adopt the HEXTA Target System and since then we have seen the System grow, with continual improvements and upgrades, to a stage where it is now marketed internationally.

The System uses Wi-Fi for communication between the Server, Targets, Scoring PC and the Shooter’s Display Tablet, so there are no cables on the Shooting Mound or in the Target Gallery.

Anyone on the Range with a Wi-Fi compatible device such as an iPhone or iPad can monitor any target simply by using the IP address. The Display shows a graphic of the target with the numbered placement of each shot fired as well as a tabulated list of progressive scores. All of this information is also instantly uploaded to the HEXTA website which can be viewed on the internet.


We are fortunate to have such an advanced and reliable System with proven ability to deliver accurate results.

Link to HEXTA here