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The introduction of our electronic targets.The introduction of our electronic targets.

We identified electronic targets as the way of the future several years ago, and decided that we should seek Australian development rather than the foreign systems being marketed at the time. 

After 2 years of trial and error, and failing, with another version of this new age target system, we changed track and decided to go with the targets developed by Hex Systems in Sydney, following discussion with them and having seen their system in use at Hornsby range, where they did all the prototype work with Roseville Rifle Club. 

We committed to purchase their targets and became involved in further development. This further development was primarily a lighter target construction for ease of handling. An initial target date for introduction to Kariong Range was set for 27th August 

The first of our two target frames was constructed by our Vice Captain Ted Boreham at Somersby, then tested at Hornsby on 10th August, with some initial problems being identified. These problems were addressed and corrected, and the second of our targets was then built. 

The "christening" of our targets took place on time, the 27th of August, and was an astounding success. There was not one fault or glitch with either target in the entire afternoon of shooting. 

Following such a successful debut, and in the words of our Vice Captain, Ted Boreham, to Dmitri Kazakov and Vadim Gerasimov, the developers of the electronic system:- 

"Thank you so much for coming today.  You and Vadim should be justly proud of the faultless performance of your system today.  This only happens when the design and system testing has been done by people who understand very well what they are trying to produce and are not taking shortcuts to save a few bucks."

We now have a target system that also enables us to have a real time competitive shoot with Roseville Rifle Club (Roseville shooting at Hornsby and Gosford shooting at Kariong), while we watch each Club's results (shot by shot) as they are fired, live time, on a computer monitor. 

Check out photos taken "on the day" by Dmitri Kazakov - go to MAIN MENU >Photo gallery 

The electronic targets, as seen in the photos, are larger than the conventional targets, but the scoring areas on each target are identical. The larger size of the electronic target is to enable use of 1 target from 300 metres to 600 metres by simply changing the aiming mark. For longer ranges the targets are bigger again, with an extra 600mm in width.

2017 Gosford District Rifle Club