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Gosford Open Prize Meeting 2017

Report: Bob Smith
Pictures: Linda Smith

Like the ‘Ancient Mariner’ it was “water water everywhere”.
Gosford OPM this year proved to be a real drought-breaker. After months of drought, the showers started on Saturday and continued through the competition on Sunday.

In the valleys of the surrounding National Park there were pools of white fog. The grey steely sky sent down light showers for most of the day. Shooting conditions in the early matches were also hampered by mist drifting across the range, limiting target visibility at times. The weather certainly contributed to the lower than normal attendance numbers.

Despite the conditions, forty six hardy entrants hit the firing line and enjoyed the shoot in relative comfort, under cover, on the newly rebuilt and enlarged astro-turf mound.

Considering the poor weather conditions, there were quite a few exceptional scores recorded during the competition. Matthew Shepherd (Endeavour TR-A) shot a perfect score in the 15 shot Match 3 and Darren Smith (Gosford FO) also shot a perfect score in match 2.

Local shooter Tim Roberts (Gosford) emerged the winner after battling some tight competition. Tim is still in good form after winning the NSDRA Champion of Champions Competition this year, his second Champ of Champs win.

Aggregate Results
Target Rifle A Grade: In a very close finish, Tim Roberts (Gosford) 175.25 followed by Adrian Bonanni (Hornsby RSL) 175.22 and Matthew Shepherd (Endeavour) 174.27

Target Rifle B Grade: Damon Livermore (Sydney) 174.17 just four centres ahead of Grasshopper Bob Phillips (West Wallsend) 174.13 and Dmitri Kazakov (Roseville) 173.13

Target Rifle C Grade: Sean Villis (Gemfields) 166.13, Kevin Muffett (Aberdeen) 166.10 and Wayne Bunting (West Wallsend) 156.11

F Standard A: Alan Ashworth (Hornsby) 207.18 just one centre ahead of Jeff Eppleston (Bathurst) 207.17 and Mariette Rigby (Gosford) 207.15

F Standard B: Peter Walters (Roseville) 209.20, Allan Humbert (Roseville) 206.19 and Garry O’Dwyer (Gosford) 204.12

F Open: Darren Smith (Gosford) 210.30, David Avery (Cessnock) 210.26 and John Peters (Cessnock) 210.25

F/TR-A: Geoff Willis (Bathurst) 206.19, Alan Bowyer-Tagg (Hornsby RSL) 206.12, Gary Faulkner (204.12)

A full list of results is at this link:

Once again the Hexta Target System performed faultlessly throughout all matches, giving accurate and instant results which were even available via the internet for those who couldn’t make it to the competition.

The event could not have been run without the tireless work of many members and their families, before, during and after the competition. Special thanks to Mark (RO), Jill, Kim, Kara and Greg (Canteen), Ted and Karen (Stats), Gail and Anne (Entries), Linda (Entries & Photography).

The club is grateful to the visiting competitors who made the effort to attend our OPM, some travelling long distances and also those who helped in packing up after the range after the event.

A big thanks to our sponsors. Without their generous support we would not have had the wide range of quality prizes on offer.

Although not our biggest OPM, it was still a significant one, this is our 70th anniversary at Kariong Range (1947-2017). Rifle shooting is one of the oldest competitive sports on the Central Coast, having had it’s beginnings at North Gosford in 1885. The range Committee has just signed a new licence which extends our tenure for another twenty years.

In striving to improve this event, we welcome competitor feedback, so if you have any suggestions please Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (sorry, we have no control over the weather).